Founded in 2017, Bloom&co’s vision is to reconcile a physiological approach of pregnancy with the constraints of women’s professional environment.

Laetitia Ammon-Chansel

Laetitia Ammon-Chansel is the founder and director of Bloom&co. She is a professional in the obstetrical care of pregnant women and infants.

Laetitia received her midwifery diploma from Geneva’s Haute Ecole de Santé and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Swiss Midwife Federation in Geneva. She is a licensed osteopath since 2000, recognized by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Health Directors.

In 2003, Laetitia created her own practice, Naître et Bien-être (Birth and Wellbeing) which she ran until she joined the Cabinet d’Accueil Périnatal (CAP) in 2014 as a midwife and osteopath. Her work consists in accompanying expectant mothers and couples through the different phases leading to and following birth. Her individual classes explain in detail the birth process, breastfeeding and baby care as well as a physical conditioning of the body to ease the transformations brought on by pregnancy.

Since 2009, Laetitia is also certified by the Swiss Brazelton Center and works two days per week at the Clinique des Grangettes as a specialist in neonatal behavioral assessment of newborn babies. The Brazelton Scale is a transversal assessment which helps parents understand the behavior of their new baby and create a harmonious relationship with them through a thoughtful observation of their needs.