Bloom&co is the fruit of a collaboration between professionals in obstetrics and managers from the corporate world. This cooperation guarantees the high quality of our workshops, forums and novel communication tools, which we developed for parents, HR managers and team leaders.


These workshops consist of small groups of employees and managers meeting on the company’s premises in a Lunch & Learn format to stimulate discussions.

The workshops’ programs are built on a clinical base and provide solutions to optimize awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding parenthood in a work setting. The meetings are animated by practitioners in obstetrics who can share health-prevention themes with expecting mothers and managers.

Four complementary workshops are proposed. The program of each workshop is available on demand.


Bloom&co forums are meetings where employees can share their questions, experiences and practical solutions with colleagues who share similar circumstances.

By bringing together employees who are about to become parents or have just had a baby, we encourage bilateral exchanges within the company. During the forums, participants discuss practical cases and issues linked to parenthood. Corporate culture is reinforced by these meetings with colleagues from other services or offices.

Bloom&co offers two types of forums, which meet several times per year. Details of the forums are available on demand.

Communication Tools

Bloom&co provides several communication tools for the corporate world:

  • A quick reference guide for managers and HR professionals recapping the mileposts of a pregnancy and the actions that can be taken to build a supportive environment.
  • ‘e-Bloom’, a web-based platform to share information and messages amongst expecting or new parents.
  • A practical guide for reconciling pregnancy and work.
  • Personalized (branded) gifts.
  • Other tools, listed in our brochure and available upon request.

Bloom&co can also provide consulting services to adapt a company’s resources to the needs of pregnant employees: Adapting work stations, creating breastfeeding and rest areas.