Parents and Employers working together

An Innovative Approach

Bloom&co promotes diversity at work by combining the skillsets of HR managers and experts in obstretical care.

We help you to support employees through the different stages of their maternity (announcing their pregnancy, planning for maternity leave, returning to work) by providing insights from the medical world.

Bloom&co also assists expectant mothers and parents by explaining the physical and psychological transformations taking place during pregnancy.

Our approach also encompasses life after the birth of a child. Bloom&co creates a link between parents and employers through events which encourage an inclusive corporate culture.

Supporting Parents at Work

An HR policy that encourages family values, from the announcement of a pregnancy to the return to work, brings clear economic benefits to the firm.

By engaging with new parents on their work site, Bloom&co helps them to reconcile their family life and their professional life, contributing to an inclusive corporate culture.

Bloom&co created an innovative program targeting both parents during the pregnancy, birth and parental leave. This supportive method, promoted by the employer, helps build a motivating work environment that boosts performance and morale. Direct effects include a lower turnover of staff, lower hiring and training costs and more competitiveness.

They trust us